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  • Introduction

    ICT at PLC: A Technology Overview

    PLC has a significant committment to the use of technology, both for teaching and learning as well as for general personal productivity and administration.

    On these pages you will find important information about operating within the ICT and network environment at PLC Sydney. Each section describes key components of our technology infrastructure and systems, and provides you with resources that outline some of the basic skills you'll need to use them effectively.

    Of course, should you have individual questions or problems, the ICT team at PLC is always on hand to personally assist you.

    • Edumate

    • Enable

    • Google Drive

    • Gmail and Calendar

    • Interactive Whiteboards

      Each classroom at PLC is fitted with a Promethean interactive whiteboard. As well as being a convenmient tool for sharing digital resources with the class on the big screen, interactive lessons for the IWB can be prepared using Promethean ActivInspire and saved and stored for reuse.

      We also have a number of ActivExpression learner response systems that can be borrowed for use in the classroom.

      In this section you will find resources for effective use of the classroom interactive technologies available at PLC

      • Connecting to the Network

        The PLC network is extensive and operates across the entire school. It connects all users via either a cabled or wireless infrastructure.

        Where possible, all desktop computers are connected using ethernet cable. Most of our mobile fleet, inlcuding laptops, tablets and phones are connected using wireless. 

        The wireless (wifi) network covers the entire campus so access is available anywhere.

        There are three levels of wireless access available:

        • PLCSydney - This is the "official" wifi network and is used for most school-owned laptops for staff and students. It offers connection to the Internet, as well as access to network printers and fileshares.
        • PLCMobile - This wifi network is used for mobile devices, including student owned devices. It does not offer access to local network servers or printers. Students and staff wishing to connect their own personal devices to this network just need to visit IT to get connected.
        • PLCBoarders - This network is exclusively for the use of PLC boarders for their personally owned devices. It offers a different level of Internet access, as well as access to local printers and files.

        Each of these wifi VLANs have their own methods for authenticating on our network, as well as different access level to network resources.  Please see IT if you have any trouble getting connected.

        Internet traffic on the PLC network is filtered for the obvious inappropriate content, but most sites are unblocked. Access to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social online services is NOT blocked. Our access policy is in favour of openness rather than restrictions.

        • Managing Passwords

          All access to the PLC network is via your individual username and password, which will be issued to you when you join the school.

          The following policy applies to passwords at PLC.  Passwords must:

          • Consist of at least 8 characters
          • Must contain at least 3 of the following
            • uppercase (A, B, C...)
            • lowercase (a, b, c...)
            • numbers (1, 2, 3...)
            • symbols ($, #, @, !...)
          • Be changed at least every 180 days (so twice a year)
          • Must not contain your own name

          Here are some articles on how to come up with a good password.

          Passwords, especially for younger students, often present a challenge.  However, until a better technology comes along we need to be good managers of our own passwords.

          If you forget your password, or have any trouble using it, please visit IT to get the problem resolved quickly.

          • Mobile Devices and BYOD

            Although the school is not officially a BYOD (Bring Your own Device) school, we do allow and encourage the use of self-owned devices.

            Staff and students are able to use their personal devices such as phones, tablets and laptops on the school network. Please visit IT to get connected to the appropriate wifi. In most cases this will be PLCMobile.  Access for self owned devices on the PLCMobile wifi is limited to Internet access only, and devices do not get access to printers and local network servers.

            Please visit IT if you have any questions about getting connected.

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