PLC Sydney Internet and E-Mail Access policies

In accord with PLC's endeavour to provide both its students and its staff with up- to- date technology which can be accessed both onsite and remotely, the following principles for Internet access will apply:
  1. Open access to all students and teachers who are able to demonstrate competency in the responsible use of the Internet.

  2. Internet access is provided to give students access to curriculum related materials. Students are requested not to use the internet for other than curriculum related research.

  3. Students will not access materials that are pornographic or of a violent nature.

  4. Students will refrain from infringing copyright in their use of materials found on the internet, and will at all times acknowledge authorship of any materials used in essays, assignments or research. For further and up-to-date information on Copyright, please visit the Copyright Council website where there are information sheets covering all aspects of copyright law

  5. Students will not enter Chat Rooms nor use Hot mail.

  6. Internet users will not at any time make offensive or libellous statements about another person, either within an e-mail or in a chat room.

Last modified: Thursday, 29 April 2010, 9:07 AM


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